What Should You Do When Your Massage Hurts

What Should You Do When Your Massage Hurts

Going to have relaxing moment in spa should not be ruined by hurtful massage

Spas are supposed to be the most relaxing places in the world as another alternative towards plastic surgery. But what if the experience is causing you pain? What did you do when your favorite massage caused you pain? Did you tell the spa attendants, or you just kept quiet?

What could be the reason behind this unpleasant massage encounter? Well, plenty of inexperienced individuals get massages. Usually, these are first time spa-goers who luckily got awesome gift certificates. They don’t have any idea what kind of experience to expect, what type of massage to get, and how is it supposed to feel like. The bottom line is, they are completely unsure of everything before jumping on the massage table.

What’s even noteworthy is that they think that massage therapists are experts, and knows everything about what they are doing. Sure, plenty of massage professionals are dedicated and experienced, but it doesn’t mean that their services are perfect all the time.

When a massage therapist goes a little too deep for you, would you tell him or her? Most people will choose not to say anything critical even if the therapist asks them about the pressure. They choose to endure the pain for more than an hour.

Never Hesitate to Speak Up

Experienced massage therapists can read their clients’ body language. However, they are not mind readers. That is why if something is no longer enjoyable, and is hurting you, it’s best to speak up. You see, a massage is considered a therapeutic partnership, so for it to be beneficial and fruitful, communication is important.

If you think the pressure is becoming too deep, you should ask them to put less pressure on the area. Every person is different, so you need to respect what feels right for you and your body.

For all the beginners, know that massages aren’t supposed to be painful. You just need to understand the difference between bad pain and good pain. Sometimes, massage therapists would be more focused on an area to release tight muscles. Let your body get used to the routine.

Will it be a bit uncomfortable at first? Yes, definitely. There wouldn’t be much pain, but it can feel intense for a first-time spa goer. It wouldn’t last, though. You will feel so much better afterwards!

How Often Should You Get a Relaxing Massage

Get a massage as often as you can. Two relaxing sessions annually are not enough to undo the chronic tensions most individuals have.

Moreover, a massage is most successful when done on a regular basis. It will definitely make a positive difference on your health, since your muscle tissues will learn how to respond to touch and relax.

Are you planning on getting two massages a month? If yes, then that’s a good start.

Just remember that if you feel some discomfort or pain while on the massage table, communicate it to your massage therapist. You are in charge of your own massage session, and massage therapists are trained to be good listeners to better serve their clients.